BMW 5 SERIES F10 LCI Genuine Bi-Xenon Headlight Retrofit

BMW 5 SERIES F10 LCI Genuine Bi-Xenon Headlight retrofit carried out by Automotive Gadgets LTD.

Automotive Gadgets offer a retrofit installation service for all BMW f10 and f11 models. Using Genuine BMW headlights you can now have Xenon headlights in place of your original factory fitted Halogen Headlights.

We offer a complete supply and fit service from start to finish or can also fit headlights supplied by our customers.

For more info please contact us on:

01484 502206
07821 223345


After installation

bmw f10 bixenon lci conversion

bmw f10 bixenon headlights upgrade

bmw f10 lci bi xenon headlight retrofit

bmw f10 lci xenon conversion


bmw oem xenon headlight retrofit

bmw oem xenon upgrades


Before Retrofit

bmw f10 oem halogen headlights bmw f10 halogen headlights

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