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All Vauxhall, Opel & Vag cars including Audi, Volkswagen, Seat & Skoda can be programmed to activate additional items fitted to your car or unlock hidden features which are already available in your car.

We can also run comprehensive diagnostic tests and read fault codes with our specialist diagnostic tools. Our diagnostic equipment is vehicle specific and will read proper codes rather than generic OBD codes.

Most Vag cars have many features hidden which have not been activated, or when certain modifications have been carried out the car will need to be programmed (Coded) to accept this modification, for example when fitting cruise control or a Satellite navigation system, Factory fitted Bluetooth and so on.

Below you will find a list of items which can be programmed. Features listed below can only be programmed on cars which have the corresponding control modules fitted.

  • Program Aftermarket HIDs
  • Activate Horn / Indicators on locking and unlocking
  • Activate Total closure (Window control from key fob)
  • Activate Auto lock when driving
  • Activate Dial sweep upon starting the car
  • Selective Locking and Unlocking (Only Lock/Unlock drivers door unless click twice)
  • Activate Cruise control
  • Activate Reverse Camera
  • Activate AUX
  • Activate Paddle shift
  • Activate Coming home and Leaving home lights with remote.
  • Activate Daytime running lights
  • Idle Speed adjustment
  • Service interval reset
  • Diagnostics and Individual component tests

The above list is just some of the common features which can be activated however there are many more so please ask if unsure.



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