iPod to Alfa Romeo Connector Mini ISO

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This is an interface for the Ipod and designed to work with the in car unit. This product is designed and built using high quality materials and built to last.

Product features:

  • Compatible with most generations of the iPod
  • Charges ipod
  • control the ipod from the CD unit (radio)
  •   3.5mm Aux input (iPod not connected)
  •  Access to playlists
  •  Auto pause of the iPod when ignition is turned off
  •  works with vehicle steering controls


This product will fit and is compatible with:

  • All Blaupunkt CD units
  • Alfa Romeo 147 2000
  • Alfa Romeo 147 2006
  • Alfa Romeo 156 1997
  • Alfa Romeo 156 2000
  • Alfa Romeo 159 2006
  • Alfa Romeo 166 1999
  • Alfa Romeo Brera 2006
  • Alfa Romeo GT 2004
  • Alfa Romeo Spider 1996
  • Alfa Romeo Spider 2007


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