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HID Xenon light conversion kits fitted in Huddersfield

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Hid conversion kits are becoming increasingly popular with tuners and car   enthusiasts alike. These kits offer exceptional night driving   illumination, and even widen the visible night driving range. They can be fitted to any vehicle with a 12v system including cars, vans, trucks, motorcycles and even farmyard tractors. So what   else do they offer?

Our HID xenon light conversion kits dramatically improve night vision driving and Reports show that   60% of night accidents are caused due to poor lighting conditions. HID   xenon light kits illuminate hundreds of feet in front of the vehicle. It is also   useful in the rain where lines are harder to see. These kits are also   designed to last up to 10 times longer than conventional bulbs. Since   there is no filament to break, road bumps and shock cannot damage the   lamp.

There is a good selection of color   options ranging from white to purple and blue, we personally like to recommend 5000k, 6000k & 8000k.

-Upto 3x more light than standard halogen bulbs.
– Low power consumption, only 35 Watt.
– Bulbs will last upto 10x longer than standard halogen bulbs.
– No OBC errors / flickering lights – GUARANTEED.

Can-Bus equipped vehicles are also catered for with our purpose built Can-bus compatible digital ballasts.
We even have kits which are suitable for the most sophisticated Can-bus monitoring systems such as those found in the 2012 onwards BMW 1, 3 5 series, Audi A3 etc.

The current VOSA MOT guide(01/01/12 onwards) states this “Vehicles equipped with High Intensity Discharge(HID) or LED dipped beam headlamps may be fitted with headlamp washers and a suspension or headlamp self levelling system. Where such systems are fitted, they must work; however, it is accepted that it may not be possible to readily determine the functioning of self levelling systems. In such cases, the benefit of the doubt must be given. Headlamp washers may work in conjunction with the windscreen washers (when the dipped beam headlamps are switched on) or by a separate switch.”

No more error messages or flickering lights guaranteed!


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