Product Description

Restore your Wheels to a Factory Finish

Alloy Wheel Restoration, Powder Coating & Custom Colour Changes

If your Alloy wheels are showing signs of Wear, Scuff Marks, Curb Rash, Paint Peeling or you simply fancy a colour change then we can help. We come to you, Remove your wheels then come and refit them once the restoration work is complete. All Alloy wheels are restored with a long lasting Powder Coat finish in a range of colours. Powder Coating is used due to its long lasting, durable finish and resistance to Stone Chips, Curb Damage and Lacquer peeling which is not possible with Spray paint.


We have a wide range of colours available including Gloss, Matt, Metallic and solid colours. All shades of Silver, Grey and Black are readily available.

The Process

The Tyres and Valves are first removed, Wheels are then shot blasted to remove all paint and base coat. Scuffs and damage are repaired depending on the type of repair required. The Powder Coat is then applied. Once complete the wheels are baked to cure the coating. Once set, tyres are refitted and balanced ready to be fitted to your car.


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