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LED Upgrades for Factory fitted BMW Angel eyes

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Our BMW Led Angel eye are a fantastic “must have” upgrade to your BMW with factory fitted Angel eyes. They will brighten up the front of the car with a pure white light to match the colour of your Factory fitted Xenons or Aftermarket HIDS.

These super bright kits are a direct replacement for your standard halogen bulb, no modifications to the light assembly are required so you may simply remove them when you come to sell the car.

Our kits are fully canbus compatible and work in harmony with I-Drive systems, flawlessly without errors or warnings on your dash. We have a solution for any BMW which came with Halogen type Angel eyes which give out a dull yellow light. Angel Eye upgrades can be fitted to any of the models below which came with factory fitted Angel Eyes.


1 Series 2008-2013 E82 Coupe, E88 Convertible and M1

1 Series 2008-2012 LCI Hatch

3 Series 2005-2008 BMW E90 Saloon with Xenon
3 Series 2005-2008 BMW E91 Estate / Touring with Xenon
3 Series 2009-2011 BMW E90 LCI Saloon with Xenon
3 Series 2009-2011 E91 LCI Touring with Xenon
3 Series 2009-2011 BMW E90 LCI Saloon with Halogen
3 Series 2009-2011 BMW E91 LCI Estate / Touring with Halogen

3 Series 2006-2010 E92 Coupe
3 Series 2007+ M3 Coupe, M3 Convertible and M3 Saloon
3 Series 2007-2010 E93 Convertible

5 Series 2008-2010 E60 E61 LCI Saloon / Touring with Xenon
5 Series 2009-2010 M5

6 Series 2008-2010 BMW E63 E64

X1 2010-2012 E84

X5 2007-2011 E70 and X5M 

X6 E71 2008-2013 and X6M 

Z4 E89 2009-2013

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