AUDI MMI (3G / 3G+) DAB / DAB + Integration Retrofit


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Product Description

  • The FISTUNE® fully integrates into the vehicle and allows you to access all functions through the MMI 3G / 3G+Fully controlled via MEDIA-interface of the MMI
  • DAB text display
  • DAB and DAB+ codec (More DAB stations are received)
  • Uses the cars original DAB Antenna for superior reception quality and easy installation.


DAB radio provides clearer and noise free sound

  • DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) is a new method for digital transmission of radio signals via a network of terrestrial transmitters. It provides listeners with more choices and information delivered in clear sound quality without any noise. With DAB digital stations there are no frequencies to remember.



  • DAB+ is a further development of the DAB standard, but offers additional features and more radio stations.


Suitable for the following vehicles:

  • Audi A1 8X (PR-Nr. 7T6)
  • Audi A4 8K (PR-Nr. 7T2, 7T6)
  • Audi A5 8T (PR-Nr. 7T2, 7T6)
  • Audi A6 4F (PR-Nr. 7T2, 7T6)
  • Audi A6 4G (PR-Nr. 7T6)
  • Audi A7 4G (PR-Nr. 7T6)
  • Audi A8 4E (PR-Nr. 7T6)
  • Audi A8 4H (PR-Nr. 7T6)
  • Audi Q3 8U (PR-Nr. 7T6)
  • Audi Q5 8R (PR-Nr. 7T2, 7T6)
  • Audi Q7 4L (PR-Nr. 7T2, 7T6)


Included in the package:

  • FISTUNE ® Interface
  • Harness
  • DAB Antenna



  • E-13 certifation – 10R – 04 12788
  • There is no automatic station search, this must be started manually via the MMI
    • Manual tuning is only necessary for regional ensembles while the car is travelling across regions with different regional ensembles.
    • There’s no new scan required for global ensembles.
  • No automatic switching of DAB <-> FM
  • On vehicles up to model year 2011, and with MMI software version lower than P respectively K0029 an MMI software update is necessary
  • Not suitable for vehicles with DAB from the factory.



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A1 8X, A4 B8, A5 8T, A6 4F, A6 4G, A6 4G AVANT, A7 4G, A8 4E, A8 4H, Q3 8U, Q5 8R, Q7 4L


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