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Complete Parking camera solutions from start to finish

Rear view Parking Cameras – Original & Aftermarket‏‏‏

Complete Parking camera solutions from start to finish

Available for all types of vehicles including cars, vans, trucks, buses and motorhomes. These are a great alternative to parking sensors as they allow the driver to clearly see what obstacle is behind their vehicle.

Package Deals: Parking camera with Sat nav, DVD & Bluetooth all in one head units are available to give a professional finish with great value for money on all cars.

Reverse Rearview parking cameras can be fitted as a standalone system with Dashmounted, or rearview mirror mounted monitors. For vehicles where there is already a DVD screen or Satelite Navigation system fitted, parking cameras can be integrated with this system in order to display the image on the screen. Parking cameras can also be installed in combination with parking sensors for additional peace of mind when reversing.

Where available and depending on budget, On most vehicles it is possible retrofit the original manufacturers parking cameras which are fully compatible with the Vehicles original Satelite navigation system.

There is a wide range of parking cameras available for all types of vehicles, all cameras include night vision and are water proof as standard.

Bumper Mounted
This is by far the most discreet aftermarket camera available especially on cars with a dark colour. The camera is mounted in a hole drilled into the bumper and sits almost flush with the bumper surface.

Registration plate
This can eitherbe mounted above the number plate or can be mounted on the back of your van or motorhome quite high up.

Dome cameras are suitable for large vehicles to be mounted high on on the rear doors such as on the back of vans or buses.

Ford , BMW, VW Badge cameras
These are available for most models which have had their original head unit upgraded to one with a screen and camera input, DVD and Sat nav Package deals are available for cars which do not already have a screen available.


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